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Your Reliable Partner in Evaluating Your Current Financial State and Preparing for

Your Future

To make an inquiry or request any of our services, contact ADVANCED ESTATE PLANNING via phone or email or through the form on this page.

Company Information

ADVANCED ESTATE PLANNING originally began with G. Wayne Plemons in 1975, and maintains its roots as a family business. "Wayne" was a pioneer in the business, who wrote industry articles and was featured in a book for the unique strategies he employed.

Jamie A. Plemons assisted in the office during high school, and shortly after graduation joined her father, Wayne, in the family business as a paralegal working closely with the firm's attorney and accountant. The company is now owned by Jamie A. Plemons, a financial planning professional with decades of experience. Jamie, who is a highly respected CEP® (Certified Estate Planner), LDA (Legal Document Assistant), CMP™ and training from working with some of the top professionals in the industry, and continues to surround herself with the best.

The tradition to treat each client as though they were

a part of our family continues, 45 years later.

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